Dr. Percy Y. Cerff, Senior Executive Vice Chairman, The EMCO/Hanover Group

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Dr. Percy Cerf imageDr. Cerff coordinates all of EMCO/ Hanover’s worldwide activities. He is a licensed attorney and speaks 8 languages, including Russian and Chinese. In particular, EMCO/ Hanover has had a presence in China since 1968. In 1994 Dr. Cerff was recognized by Deng Xiaoping for his work in turning around numerous Government companies to productivity. Like Mr. Barren, EMCO/Hanover’s Group Chairman, Dr. Cerff still advises companies throughout the Far East.

Like EMCO/ Hanover’s Chairman, Dr. Cerff has been involved in numerous business turnarounds during a considerable part of his professional career, representing more than 100 companies. In addition, he was instrumental in setting up the Ex-Stock Market in Leningrad in the 1990’s. He also holds many awards from different countries. In his past business involvement, he also worked with Ex-Soviet Union President, Mr. Sergeyevich Gorbachev, 1980’s to organize the Communal arrangements for the under privileged plus he continued with then Boris Yeltsin 1990’s.

Dr. Cerff’s innovations were put to the test with President Vladimir Putin’s Government helping people to be productive in the factories during Russia’s Micro-Economic Management period where he helped to increase the average salary in St. Petersburg from about $75 to about $600. Also part of his past distinguished career, Dr. Cerff has also been associated with the United Nations where he further holds a Diplomatic status passport. Today, Dr.Cerff travels constantly around the world - advising Governments, Institutions, participating in conferences, and holding seminars in Business, Banking and turnaround companies opportunities. He has also been instrumental in creating many Non-Profits Foundations/Organizations worldwide, including ANGELS E. v. Herrenburg.

Dr. Cerff holds various degrees from: University of Southern California, University of California – Los Angeles, Lund University, Stanford, LSE, University of Geneva, University of Florence, State University - Moscow, plus Heidelberg University. He further has various Securities Licenses in the US and Europe.

Dr. Cerff is also a member of Karolinka Institutet (the official institute for the Nobel Prize). He is also a member of Washington’s Inner Circle.

Email: Dr. Percy Y. Creff at ycrep@juno.com