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Albert Montano, Managing Director, Institutional Relations,
The EMCO/Hanover Group

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Albert Montano imageAlbert Montano is Managing Director, Institutional Relations for The EMCO/Hanover Group which he joined in late 2012.  He is also the founder and CEO of Ventana Financial Associates, an EMCO/Hanover Group member, which specializes in capital funding, budget control and direct venture management. Ventana Financial’s expertise in securing seed capital for aspiring entrepreneurs provides a unique service in the Group.

Mr. Montano’s extensive experience has enabled clients to secure growth capital for emerging companies and to place considerable funds into private equity opportunities. He further specializes in patents, copyrights and trademarks of intellectual property, as well as resource acquisition. Additionally, Mr. Montano also has extensive experience in concept development of emerging engineered mechanical products. As such, he is currently involved in originating, verifying and validating marketability of internet based concepts and technologies.

Albert Montano holds a Master’s in Business Administration from Harvard University where he received a fellowship from the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation and received a scholarship from the Council on Graduate Management Education. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of New Mexico receiving a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. He is a former President of the University of New Mexico Alumni Club of Chicago.

From Harvard, Mr. Montano was then offered a position with Baxter Healthcare where he served with distinction as Product Development Manager and concurrently, as Product Line Manager with profit responsibility for $55M in annual sales. After Baxter, he became a founder of BioStratum, which he nurtured an emerging company by raising the initial $6 M in seed money (eventually it became capitalized at $100M) and served  on BioStratum’s  Board of Directors for six years.

Mr. Montano has further served a distinguished two-year term as co-president of the Harvard Business School Club of Chicago, following up his co-chairmanship of their Entrepreneur’s Council. In 1998, he co-chaired the immensely successful HBS Global Alumni Conference highlighting entrepreneurship in the new millennium. He also served as founding chairman of the Illinois School of Professional Psychology. Currently, Mr. Montano serves on the advisory board of Alternative Investment Resource, a wholesale brokerage firm.

As part of his distinguished career, Mr. Montano has also served as an officer and director of Alto Automotive; The Permian Basin Corp.; SanreQ International Ltd.; Trancept, Ltd.; Friday Magazine; Nessa LLC; and TIVE LLC. He is also a co-founder and officer of eMusea, a website designed for hobbyists and collectors.

Email: Albert Montano at ajmontano@ventanafa.com