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Investment and Shareholder Communications

Craig Biddick ImageThe only measurement in investment and shareholder communications is shareholder value, causing investor relations to become more sophisticated and complex in today’s ever competing investment opportunity marketplace as the competition for capital and investor exposure in our rapidly changing financial marketplace becomes more sophisticated and intense. Today's public company functions in a world affected by an extraordinary number of new factors - including awesome technology, growing internationalism, new financial instruments, vast institutional funds, a burgeoning number of public companies, and more. This new business context has altered the practice of investor relations. EMCO/Hanover can offer a client company an up-to- date, comprehensive, and practical overview of the latest practices in the field to help it compete in the capital markets and maximize the shareholder value of one’s company in the marketplace.

In this indispensable resource, EMCO/Hanover offers new strategies and techniques, including sophisticated marketing practices plus state of the art computer and electronic communications techniques, including platforms that have launched investor relations into the 21st century.

Given EMCO/Hanover’s more than 40 years of experience in the financial marketplace where we have caused more than $3 billion in new capital formation we can provide the following important corporate services in order to maximize the reaching and effectiveness to a corporate identity and opportunity through:

Remember it is not what you have but it is in the art of communications that attracts and retains value both in the short and long term. Often times the best opportunities are poorly created or missed because of a lack of their effective communications.

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