Shemori BoShae
Director - Operational Management/Corporate Development
The EMCO/Hanover Group

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Shemori BoShaeShemori BoShae is associated with The EMCO/Hanover Group, given her 10+ years of a diversity of experience and her qualified background in a number of areas required to run a successful business. Ms. BoShae focuses on account management and corporate development, with a strong emphasis on product development, branding and market acceptance measurement, employee training and development along with the design and effectiveness of corporate communications. Recent assignments have included: 1.) a proprietary patented, software company located in Korea; 2.) a multi-industry Chinese company; 3.) an U.S. aerospace parts manufacturer; plus 4.) an international media company serving a 70 million audience, headquartered in Australia.

Her background also includes working in the entertainment industry (domestically and internationally) where she developed foundational infrastructure for a film fund plus recruited the team to implement necessary procedures, fostered a grassroots marketing campaign to take initial documentary project viral within 30 days. As part of her responsibilities she planned various premiere event screenings for entertainment executives. Prior to that she worked in a variety of companies in the entertainment industry where she has been a production coordinator where she conceptualized and produced a scripted reality show showcasing fashion, sports, music, art and nightlife entertainment. In that capacity she arranged all aspects of production including; sponsorships, hiring, scheduling, directing, editing, branding, and Identity. She has also coordinated a TV show premier party with live music and fashion show for hundreds of constituents.

As part of her career she has also been involved in corporate branding where she created strategic partnerships with other companies necessary to maintain and develop life-long clients plus referral-lines for a web-hosting company. In this capacity, she acted as the Company’s spokesperson, recruiter, event planner, and networking specialist. Currently, Ms. BoShae has also written and developed a worldwide television reality contestant show.

Ms. BoShae has further recruited, interviewed, and trained staff members where she measured and continually improved performance standards. In addition she coordinated and implemented marketing workshops, training programs, and corporate events.

Ms. BoShae holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Corporate Communications from the University of Central Oklahoma where she graduated with honors and distinction and prior, an Associates’ Degree in graphic design.

Ms. Shemori BoShae's email: