Hr. Dr. Duke Alexander Mathew Sokolinsky,
Director International Client Relationships, The EMCO/Hanover Group

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Dr. Percy Cerf imageHr. Dr. Duke Alexander Mathew Sokolinsky coordinates various EMCO/ Hanover’s Projects on a worldwide basis as its Director of International Client Relationships, working with Dr. Percy Cerff. His focus is primarily with the former Russian Republic Countries plus South America, the Far East and the Mid-East.As such, he has been involved in numerous business turnarounds, representing mega companies such as Uzbekistan Airways, Phongwaring Printing Co in Bangkok Thailand, Gilson Pinesso Group of Brazil “Pinesso Group, Brazil. In addition he also holds many awards, including Order of Peace, Honoree Award as a Master of All Age by San Francisco Academy, of Science, from different countries like USA, Brazil, Indonesia, India, Russia, and Thailand.

In his past business involvements, Dr. Sokolinsky has worked on GUM Department Store of Russia, Moscow, Russia, as well various Government and private enterprise projects in Brazil, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Belarus, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Republic of the Congo/ Africa, Uzbekistan plus Indonesia. Dr. Sokolinsky has also been involved in various International Heritage development programs, including The Royal Academy of the United Nations with Dr Tatiana Fedorovna Faberge, Prince Michael Dmitirvich Kelly Romanov and Duke David Romanov Chavchavadze.

Dr. Alexander Sokolinsky holds various degrees from: University of Peninsula (San Francisco, California), University of California - San Francisco, The Technical College of Republic of Uzbekistan, and Latin American Institute of New York as well from the State University of New York - Albany.

Dr. Sokolinsky is a member of The Royal Academy of the United Nations, where in 2008 was acknowledged and accepted as a Duke of the Russian Bulgarian Royal Heritage Foundation by Duke Valery Aleksandrovich Malgyn Dolmatov from Russia. He is further an honored member of Chamber of Inter-Commerce at Royal Academy of the United Nations, an honored Member of various business forums in New Deli, India; President and Founder of Royal Academy of the United Nations, plus the Elite Business Club of The Royal Academy along with being a Founder of Royal Red Diamond Club.

As part of his distinguished business career Dr. Sokolinsky was a business advisor for Uzbekistan Airways for Southeast Asia with offices in Bangkok and Tashkent along with Rolls Royce Bentley Enthusiastic Clubs in Russia, Ukraine and Central Asia; Marketing Research Director for Gummy Bear International; an advisor for International dent f RAUN-GDT, Royal Academy Gold and Diamond trading platform in REU Slovenia. ( and has been a Member of San Francisco Academy of Science since 2005.

Since 2000 Dr. Sokolinsky’s involvements have also included numerous international projects, such as: the Festival of Culture Exchange with The Pierre Cardin Group and the State Ministry of Culture- Republic of Uzbekistan. He has also been associated with a number of agricultural projects involving the governments of Brazil, Moldova and Crimea-Ukraine and on various consulting agenda with organic fertilizers programs within Russia, Brazil, plus Moldova.

Additionally he has worked with the UAE on their various trading programs. Other consulting work has been in alternative energy development programs with Ukraine, Switzerland, Turkey, Iceland, plus work on various amusement parks projects and new technologies of solar energy in Austria and the United Kingdom., with new investment programs for project supporting. developments within the medical health concerning new programs regarding franchising for immune diabetic treatments as well ontological and hepatitis issues, fish farm industry development within Republic of Latvia, Mauritania, Fiji; with American Samoa in fish farming technology and the State of Alaska, including premium class drinking water and their various marketing assignments plus Japan Tokyo Fugi Group; marketing and product development of Russian premium vodka, and drinking water in the world market involving various scientific groups from Japan, United States and the European Union.

Email: Dr. Alexander M. Sokolinsky at

Dr. Sokolinsky with Former President of Moldova Republic, Dr. Peter Luchinsky

Hr. Dr., Duke Alexander Mathew Sokolinsky with Prince David Romanov Chavchavadze at the Prince's personal residence in Washington. D.C.

Dr. Sokolinsky with President of Moldova and Tatiana Fedorovna Faberge.