Dr. Giuseppe Spagnolo, Director - European Relations, The EMCO/Hanover Group

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Image of Dr. Giuseppe SpagnoloDr. Spagnolo adds to EMCO/ Hanover additional capabilities for the serving of its European client base. He brings to our Group Members a very diverse and unique background in Corporate – Europe, not only as a University Professor, but as an advisor to Italian financial institutions and the Italian Government plus to multiple companies in diverse industries, along with that of being a businessman. His background includes the University of Florence (Italy), where he has a Doctorate in Political Science. During his distinguished business career, he has also helped teaching Prof. Roberto De Vita at the University of Siena at the Faculty of Law. Following that, he was a Financial Consultant at the Banca Monte dei Paschi of Siena, which is considered the oldest surviving bank in the world (1472) where he is credited with developing and increasing the Bank’s investing asset/ client base.

Dr. Spagnolo’s multiple professional skills were put to use, subsequently, by an American company, IDT (International Discount Telecommunications) that appointed him as sole Representative in Italy for its International services. In addition he has further collaborated for many years with the Local Government of Tuscany and the Research Institute of Bocconi University (Milan). This has given him the opportunity to execute various professional services for those Institutions. In addition, he has worked for The Government of Flanders as Representative of its Technology Agency, (FITF) (Flanders International Technology Foundation), whose President was the King of Belgium.

His vast professional experience has been utilized by many Italian companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Milan, where he has developed excellent contacts with a number of its Top Managers. In so doing, he has traveled for business to China, Japan, Europe, Africa, and the United States. As part of this involvement, he has also a long history working for a number of Non-Profit Organizations and Charity Organizations.

Dr. Giuseppe Spagnolo holds various degrees from: St. Peter's College (Glasgow-Scotland), IGS University (Paris-France): Institut de Gestion Sociale pour le Management Avancé, University of Florence (PhD in Political Science).

Dr. Giuseppe Spagnolo’s email address is: giuseppespagnolo@yahoo.com

Jim Roger with Dr. Guiseppe Spagnolo

Guiseppe Spagnolo with Jim Rogers who with George Soros, whose net worth in 2017 exceeded $25 billion, were co-founders of the Quantum Fund.