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Image of Bruce BarrenThe EMCO/Hanover Group has been involved in a variety of business dealing with China since 1968 when one of its specialist was involved in Helena Rubenstein, an American cosmetic company. Since then, a cross-section of various assignments have included: the introduction of the Chinese bicycles to the North American market through the acquisition of Stelbar Manufacturing, a bicycle manufacturer, by Victoria Precision/ Canada; the sale of a steel pipe mill by Interprovincial Steel and Pipe/ Canada; real estate investments plus hotel ownership/ management under Shenyang Holiday Building Co. Ltd.; the manufacturing and direct marketing distribution plus retail shops of Chinese beauty products as the Chief Executive Officer of Nanjing Beauty & Cosmetics; and the sale of nutraceutical products plus hospital management and ownership along with the development of an assisted care living industry as the designated Chairman of Sunnylife Globals Executive Committee; plus MM Fabrics, involving the importation and sale of various textile products into the North American market, along with Procell Biotech Asia Corp.(stem cell research and commercialization).

In 2006, Mr. Barren was presented with a Certificate of Honor from China's State-owned Supervision and Administration Commission of the People's Government of Hunan Province for his "great contribution" for establishing the first Sino-American Joint Ventured Hospital. Subsequently, he was also the keynote speaker at the 20th Annual China Industry Development Forum in Dongguan held by the China Tourist Hotels Association and received a plaque for his being an advisor to the Association. Mr. Barren, under EMCO/Hanover, has further been given an exclusive right to acquire majority control in the privatization of the first municipal water treatment facility in China.

In 2007, Mr. Barren was presented with a second Certificate of Honor. This time, it was in recognition of his efforts in the award of the first ever granted license to build an assisted-care living community in China which will consist of some 12,000 senior citizen, housing units. Separately, he also received a Letter of Appointment as a senior consultant for the Prosperity of Baotou business and investment from the Baotou Disabled People Welfare Fund Association of The Red Cross of Baotou City, Inner Mongolia from its Chairman Zheng Jinduo. Concurrent with that, Mr. Barren was further appointed a senior consultant for The Association of Entrepreneurs Friend, Baotou CPPCC by its President Li yu ran.

In 2008, Mr. Barren joined the Board of Directors of Elephant Talk Holdings, Inc., a publicly-traded U.S. Company. Elephant Talk is an international telecom operator and enabler/systems integrator to the multi-media industry by facilitating the distribution of all forms of content and telecom services to global consumers. Besides various worldwide licenses in over a dozen markets in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, it also has a license to operate telecommunication switching facilities in China. Through 2009, Mr. Barren served as its Company's Vice Chairman in addition to being Chairman of its Compensation Committees plus the independent Director for its Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee along with its Audit Committee.

In May 2009, Mr. Barren met with the Mayor of Shenyang, China - Mr. Li Yingjie, who named Mr. Barren as the honorary financial and economic adviser to the City of Shenyang. As part of his appointment Mr. Barren will attend the City's yearly economic forum and other key meetings with the Mayor of Shenyang. This is a great honor. Mr. Barren is the first foreigner to be appointed to be city's adviser. In 2013, Mr. Barren was further honored by the Provincial Government of Laio Ning for his outstanding contributions in its economic development. (See Link Translation: Dear Mr. Bruce Barren: "Thank you for your many years' of outstanding contributions to Laio Ning Province's Economic Development"). From 2014 and 2015, EMCO/ Hanover expanded its presence in the Far East by adding several offices in Southeast Asia.

In 2013, Mr. Barren was further honored by the Provincial Government of Laio Ning for his outstanding contributions in its economic development. (See Link Translation: Dear Mr. Bruce Barren: Thank you for your many years' of outstanding contributions to Laio Ning Province's Economic Development). In 2016, Mr. Barren also completed the purchase of an 87% shareholder interest in International Packaging and Logistics Group, Inc (IPLO) by the controlling shareholders of Shandong Yibao Biologics Co., Ltd. (a bio-science company in the research, production and sales of chondroitin sulfate series raw materials and Confucian series health care products as the largest and the most professional manufacturer of chondroitin sulfate in the world).

In 2014-2016, Mr. Barren completed for a Far Eastern company the purchase of an 87% shareholder interest in a US publicly-traded company in conjunction with the sale of certain insider related assets plus acted as a keynote speaker to a Chinese international - 30,000 member-based, bio-sciences company. He also was a prime contributor in a Korean/ Chinese transaction which involved a worldwide product technology license in addition to acting as an adviser for the purchase of a controlling shareholder interest in another publicly-traded, U.S. company. 

Mr. Barren presenting an award as a speaker at the 35th Anniversary of U.S. - China Diplomatic Relations Conference held at the Richard Nixon Library in May, 2014.

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