Legal Cases, a cross section


Case Reference

BONGO/Better'Blue, Inc. v. Tom Trading, Inc. CV96-6993 JSL(ANX)
Norman Wright Mechanical Equipment v.
Commissioner of Internal Revenue
Doc. Nos. 5080 to 5083-97 T.C.
Maxon Industries LA 90-05670
Westward Ho Markets LA 93-42048-SB
Lumber City v. Commissioner Doc. 94-10934, T.C. Memo 1996-171
Metropolitan Circuits of California SA 90-080330JB
Calmark Properties 87-C 4466
Teasley v. U.S. Computer Systems, Inc. S.C. 87-33079
Team Nissan v. Tokai Credit 92-01037-B11
L&B Pipe and Supply v. Commissioner Doc. 10329-91, T.C. Memo 1994-187
Creative Presentations, Inc. SV 96-18973 AG
Power Tools and Supply v. State of California 739293