Director of Hospitality Services - The EMCO/Hanover Group

William B. Buppert, C.H.A. is Group Director of Hospitality Services for The EMCO/Hanover Group, which, since its inception in 1971, has concluded more than $3 billion in financial transactions worldwide as international merchant bankers, representing more than 1,000 separate corporate transactions. Mr. Buppert specializes in senior management decision process matters including corporate planning, management enhancement programs and executive management.

Under EMCO’s Executive Loan Program, Mr. Buppert has assumed a number of senior on-line managerial positions, ranging from small to large-sized firms. Under this program, Mr. Buppert has acted as a chief operation officer for various full and limited service restaurant companies and a company of small to mid-size upscale hotels. From 1984 to 1986, Mr. Buppert served as the vice president of operations for a $20 million motel chain (All Star Inns, sold to Motel 6 in 1996 for $260 million), setting up both the administrative and operating systems, managing all elements of property refurbishment and repositioned the advertising and marketing strategy of the company.

From 1986 to 1990, Mr. Buppert was the vice president of operations for the $12 million lodging division (Best Western Franchisee) of a property management firm, turning a budgeted loss into a profit the first year and thereafter, tripling divisional sales and reducing the ratio of operating expenditures. Additionally, Mr. Buppert was able to plan, negotiate, and complete multi-million dollar hotel acquisitions and renovations, including private and franchise affiliations. From 1990 to 1996, Mr. Buppert acted as an advisor and later became the president and chief executive officer of a medium size restaurant chain in order to effect a reorganization plan to bring the company to profitability and subsequently, acquired an equity participation in the company.

Mr. Buppert’s background also includes that of various operating, marketing and facility maintenance functions for a $30 million region of the lodging division of City Investing Company. Other prior experiences include all operations and facility maintenance responsibility for a $60 million region of the restaurant division of City Investing Company. Both subsidiaries (Samba’s & Motel 6) were acquired as "turn-around" companies by City Investing Company.

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