Are You Looking For a Wealth Management Specialist?

Perhaps, EMCO/ Hanover ( can meet your needs for in 2014, The EMCO/ Hanover Group added another dimension to provide quality service to our client base through HK Wealth Management, Inc.. (“HK”), which is a Registered Investment Adviser, located in the Westwood section of Los Angeles .  Like EMCO/ Hanover other Group Members, HK’s motto is:  THE ANSWER IS YES!  What this really translates to is a dedication to help clients achieve everything that they believe can be attainable.  While returns are never guaranteed, we believe that nothing is impossible…it just takes diligence and hard work!   Most people hear the word “NO” whenever they ask a question or have an idea.  Such negativity is ingrained in our collective psyche. Not to us!  EMCO/ Hanover has made a conscious decision to use positivity [hence the word: YES] to distinguish itself from the rest of the business community.  These simple words have become our hallmark.

Contact Bruce Barren at EMCO/Hanover Group for more information.