Need an Industry Specialist?

Try then EMCO/ Hanover (www.emcohanover) and using one of its Specialists for they have been qualified as experts by both the I.R.S. and the U.S. Tax Courts in the following industries: professional standards – including accounting, banking and broker/ dealers; conservator and trust officer responsibilities and standards; aerospace; apparel and textile; SEC regulatory issues, including reporting, corporate governance and fiduciary responsibility; banking and finance; consumer products; defense and government contracting; direct marketing, including multi-level and e-commence; electronics; employment policies and procedures; energy – gas and oil; food: processing, distribution – wholesale and retail; furniture and accessories, including hardware manufacturing; printing and graphic arts; publishing: magazine and newspapers; media and entertainment; medical, including hospital, nursing care and elder living residences; mining; paper: manufacturer and distribution; real estate: commercial and residential; social media and transportation, including automotive and truck assembly and distribution.

For more information, please contact Bruce Barren, Chairman Emco/Hanover Group.