Are You Looking for a Court Qualified Expert Witness?

Look then at EMCO Hanover ( where a  cross section of involvements include those related to the Tax Court and Chapter 11/7 situations, with the following companies and a brief description thereof: (1) court-appointed expert under a Chapter 11 proceeding for Rocket Industries, automotive parts and importer of exercise equipment re: inventory accounting procedures under GAAP standards plus (2) Bongo Jeans (Tom Trading); (3) Westward Ho Markets, as expert witness re: various union contract wage and benefit concessions; (4) Tokai Credit’s expert, re: Team Nissan, automotive dealership under a Chapter 7 proposed liquidation plan; (5) U.S. Computer Systems, Inc., financial services, cablecasting-as an expert witness in a divorce matter regarding valuation of a deceased spouse’s business, where the estate and prior, the ex-husband held the proxy thus gaining 51+% equity control; (6) Wilshire Industries, Inc., fireplace accessories, under a Chapter 11 proceeding; (7) Jeffrey, Corigan v. Smouse, Pistole in a determination of damages opinion; and (8) Maxon Industries, Inc.–transportation equipment, under a Chapter 7 “exit” petition; (9) The Matter of the Mark Hughes Family Trust, case number BP063500, in the Superior Court of the State of California, County of Los Angeles.

Other assignments were: (10) CalMark Properties, Inc., real estate re: compensation of a financial advisor; (11) SFS Industries–aerospace, re: Chapter 11 involving a cash/collateral valuation; (12) condemnation loss — Power Tool & Supply vs. Caltrans; (13) Metropolitan Circuits of California Incorporated, computer products re: Chapter 11 and cash/collateral, and (14) RSR Corporation, a metals processor, under a lender liability case against The Chase Manhattan Bank, involving Lender Liability Issues; plus (15) Luke E. Brucker v. Prudential Securities, Inc., a case involving wrongful termination, breach of contract, loan forgiveness and captive broker; (16) Richard A. Vos v. Lehman Brothers, et al (a NASD Dispute Resolution Case); (17) Zetera Corporation v. Nolan Securities Corporation regarding a financial advisory fee for investment banking services rendered involving a Warburg Pincus Investment; along with 18) Wells Fargo Equipment Finance, Inc. v. Brian J. Westcott A/K/A Brian Westcott, Uecker & Associates, Inc. regarding breach of written guaranty, conversion, negligence and breach of fiduciary duty; and (19) The Matter of the Mark Hughes Family Trust, Case number BP063500, in the Superior Court of the State of California, County of Los Angeles (removal of Trustees); and (20) Richard Bobertz v.Griffin Capital (Puente Hills) Investor 9, LLC, Claimants, American Arbitration Association, Case No. 72-459-00991-11 (loan documentation).

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