Get Ready – Here’s Comes An Exciting Opportunity with Proven Management

Here comes a winner – unique company hits the US public stock market with an paralleled business model of high growth  opportunities involving Biosciences, Theme Parks and Online Gambling!

VW Win Century Inc. [Stock Symbol: “VWIN”] founder, Dato’ Seri TeikKeng Goh (“Stanley”), serves as Chairman and Controlling Shareholder, is a highly successful, industry entrepreneur, age – 41, with multiple successes across various industries. His high profile in Southeast Asia has created a large following within the investment communities. The formation of a Diversified Investment Holdings Company,renamed VW Win Century Inc. (Stock Symbol “VWIN”), which is based in Irvine, California, is the basis of Stanley’s current objective. His goal is to capitalize on his experience in various businesses, which have enjoyed above average gross margins, unique industry profiles and high plus sustaining growth opportunities.

His current holdings are in Asia, (mainly China where there are a considerable amount of poorly structured, illiquid and under-valued opportunities) and their successes are expected to drive its hyper profit business model from OTCQB to NASDAQ within 2 years. Stanley’s objective is to merge/ acquire 10 businesses, and bring them under a holding company as subsidiaries. His goal is to merge/ acquire these businesses, a stage where risks have already been financed, to raise “new” capital where necessary and provide professional management in order to create hyper profitable entities. Once these objectives are fully implemented, Stanley then intends to create separately listed, publicly-traded companies to enhance investor’s returns or to sell VWIN in its entity.

Dr. SeeKuy Tan (“Steve”) assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer of VW Win Century Inc. in 2016. His first strategic move was to acquire an OTC company; to build the business. His target is to achieve hyper profit within two years as a Diversified Investment Holding Company and up-list to the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. Steve is very well known and respected in the Direct Selling/ Network marketing space both in the US and in the Asia Pacific arena. Direct Selling listed him as one of the “Top 50 Most Influential People in Direct Selling” in 2008. The Multi-Level Marketing Association honored him with “The International Distributor of the Year” Award. In 1997, Neways International Inc., who had over 500,000 distributors worldwide at that time, named him “The  Distributor of the World”. Over the past twenty years, Steve has been a top sales, marketing, and personal development trainer and motivator. He has conducted trainings for over 100,000 distributors around the Asia-Pacific region, from Malaysia, Brunei, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and USA. Steve was conferred a Doctorate in Business Administration from the Midwest Missouri University, USA., and was appointed as an Ambassador for Peace by Universal Peace Federation for World Peace in 2006.

For Corporate Advisor, Bruce Barren’s background, see his business website: and the links thereunder for “Chairman” and “China” on the Homepage.

In September 2016, VW Win Century Inc. acquired an OTCQB company named, Flexfridge Inc., which is a current reporting and fully audited company which is both DTC and DWAC eligible. Per OTC Markets, Flexfridge Inc. changed its name to VW Win Century Inc. and its OTC symbol to VWIN, trading at $4 per share, with some 1,000 round-lot shareholders. The controlling shareholder base will grow exponentially, based on his 140,000 member followers from prior businesses.

Before the end of the year 2016, the U.S. Company will have acquired 100% of two operating companies under VW Win Century Holdings LTD. The first is a Hong Kong registered company focusing on a Sturgeon Theme Park Business. This should be completed by the end of October. One of the unique characteristics is that the Sturgeon Theme Park is the World’s First and only High-tech Sturgeon Aquaculture Theme Park. The caviar can be used in the high-end cosmetic/ skin care and medical related, bioscience stem cell industries).

The second acquisition will be Winloto PLC (a Cambodian License Lottery and Global on-line gambling business, with filed licensing opportunities in China, the Philippines and Malaysia). This acquisition should be completed by the end of November.

In a separate “password-protected” drop box further descriptive information on VW Win Century Inc. is in development and will be presented. This will include:

  1. a video of the Founder’s impressive business accomplishments;
  2. its currently invested businesses;
  3. Research Reports [as they become available ];
  4. selective industry information;
  5. an all-inclusive Business Plan, which will contain five year projections of operation where it anticipates pre-tax profits of US$25.437million in Fiscal 2017 from its combined businesses (US$2,776,040 + US$22,525,667).

Presented below are the 12 Investment Highlights:

1) Unique industries with definable high growth potential revenues  and earnings;

2) Upper quartile opportunity for investor returns;

3) Large potential shareholder potential, based upon 140,000 prior business associations;

4) Above average operating gross margins: 40+%;

5) Unlimited geographical opportunity for business expansion well beyond Southeast Asia;

6) Impressive management credentials based on prior multi- industry business experiences;

7) Immediate liquidity for investors, given the intended shareholder base and public-trading market;

8) Competitively unique industries, including being the only Sturgeon Theme Park in the World;

9) Low investment strategy since prior development costs have been incurred by prior owner;

10) No shareholder entry dollar limitation due to the fact that the company will be publicly owned;

11) Shareholder investment will be DTC and DWAC eligible; and with

12) Overseas subsidiary registrations, thus causing a lower tax base and conversely a higher cash flow for investor returns.