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a.) Mr. Bruce W. Barren is a proven corporate executive and senior advisor with over 45 years of experience in more than 200 diverse businesses, worldwide which were both privately owned or publicly-traded, where he served either as an Executive Advisor or Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Barren, whose accolades include those from The White House, the U.S. Congress, the Peoples’ Republic of China and the Central American Parliament, is exceptionally well-known and highly regarded on Wall Street. He has also been an expert witness in a variety of important Court cases, involving the U.S. Government, the U.S. Tax Court, plus the IRS along with District and State jurisdictions which have involved Chase Securities, the Securities and Exchanges Commission, Bank of America plus the U.S. Tax Court and the U.S. Government. They have ranged from Class Action Cases to Fairness Opinions, to Business Valuations, to Executive Compensation, Fiduciary Responsibilities, Contract Labor Disputes and Business Turnarounds.

b.) Mr. Bruce Barren is considered a "unique" corporate executive plus as an expert in estate and corporate appraisals, a capital specialist and at times, serves as a corporate director. He is further an "accepted" Court witness in your various areas of expertise, as noted below including compensation, having been involved in some 50 different cases and qualified as an expert in some two dozen industries before various District, State, the I.R.S., S.E.C. and the U.S. Tax Courts.

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Proven Corporate Executive; Trusts and Estates including Wealth Succession, Executive Compensation and Litigation and Contract Labor Disputes both at the Federal and Corporate Level - Expert Witness; Capital Transactions; Business Practice and Responsibilities; Corporate Governance; Labor Contractual Disputes plus Bankruptcies and Creditor Reorganizations.

As an expert witness, Mr. Barren has also been involved in a variety of cases ranging from: Class Actions, Fiduciary Responsibility, Fairness Opinions, Business Valuations, Executive Compensation, Labor Dispute Issues, Bankruptcy/ Business Turnarounds plus has acted as both a Trustee and as an Independent Director. A summation of Mr. Barren's credentials, which are detailed under "Chairman" at and also under (shorter form), are also summarized below.

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Bruce W. D. Barren
Professional Background – Chairman, The EMCO/Hanover Group

50 - years of experience as both a public and privately-held corporate executive/ advisor, including 45 + years of involvement in China; Multiple Accolades (60+): The White House, U.S. Senate, U.S House of Representatives, plus Central American Parliament and Republic of China; 1,000+ Corporate Transactions in various industries - Worldwide (including China), representing $3+ billion in Value; 50 Court Expert Witness Assignments; 200 Business turnarounds - including emerging businesses, as either a CEO or Advisor: Multiple Industries; 500 IRS Accepted Business Valuations: 24+ Industries Qualified (see below); and 175 published articles.

Credential Acceptance: IRS, S.E.C., FINRA, U.S. Tax Court plus multiple U.S. District and State Courts and the California, Texas and New York CPA Societies along with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), the regulatory agency for the U.S. banking system. See also Website: Email:

Education: Babson College; Bucknell University; Harvard Business School and Cambridge University (Pembroke College).
Instructorships: University of California – Los Angeles and Northridge; University of Southern California; Pepperdine University, Whittier College School of Law; and Chapman University – School of Law plus the American Management Association; California, New York and Texas CPA Societies; and Sanwa Bank plus PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Court Cases have included those against The U.S. Government, Bank of America, The Commissioner of the IRS, AMCC and RSR Corporation (Bestolife Corporation) v. The Chase Manhattan Bank et al, Supreme Court of the State of New York plus Time-Warner under a Class-action and most recently, Liker v. Arnall, Ameriquest Mortgage Company and RoDa Drilling, L.P. plus Bennett v. Filter Recycling Services, et al Riverside Superior Court Case No. RIC 429616.

Qualified Industries include: professional standards - including accounting, banking and broker/ dealers; conservator and trust officer responsibilities and standards; aerospace; apparel and textile; SEC regulatory issues, including reporting, corporate governance and fiduciary responsibility; banking and finance; consumer products; defense and government contracting; direct marketing, including multi-level and e-commence; electronics; employment policies and procedures; energy - gas and oil; food: processing, distribution - wholesale and retail; furniture and accessories, including hardware manufacturing; printing and graphic arts; publishing: magazine and newspapers; media and entertainment; medical, including hospital, nursing care and elder living residences; mining; paper: manufacturer and distribution; real estate: commercial and residential; social media and transportation, including automotive and truck assembly and distribution.

Areas of Expertise: Wrongful Terminations; Shareholders' Rights; Executive and Fiduciary Responsibilities; SEC; Trusts and Estates including Wealth Succession; Executive Compensation and Litigation plus Contract Labor Disputes, both at the Federal and Corporate Level - Expert Witness; Capital Transactions; Business Practice and Responsibilities; Corporate Governance; Labor Contractual Disputes plus Bankruptcies and Creditor Reorganizations – Chapter 7 and 11.

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