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CAN YOU BELIEVE one month after the
ECMC break in, no conclusory findings?
April 29, 2010  

And, our identities - personal credit information is still floating around? We try to protect our credit, try to pay our bills on time and now we are allowing "GROSS NEGLIGENCE" to occur. A class action law suit is obvious. Lets load the cannon to get the battle rolling so that Congress will pass protective legislation for us.

Should we allow the authorities and the News media to become so complacent? No, we are back to "Business as usual."

One student even reported paying off the loan and the payment records were lost. Another student is finding her credit information all over the finance world. Constantly getting unsolicited telephone calls on her private line. Could this also be you? No one can estimate what the long-term affects will be to an individual's loss of identity.

We believe a CLASS-ACTION Law Suit should be initiated. We are accepting actual examples of how you were affected by the theft at ECMC.


By: Bruce W. Barren
of The Emco/Hanover Group & Monique F. Lis
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