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EMCO/Hanover Enters the Biodegradable "Green"
Packaging Market through Go Earth® - Paula Kassouf

As Headquartered in Southern California, Go Earth®sources and manufactures biodegradable packaging made exclusively from renewable resources. Their specialization over the past three hears has been in creating replacements to products which are traditionally made of foam and plastic. They currently stock: food trays, plates, to-go boxes, cups, and cutlery that are both treeless and compostable – made from natural materials and renewable sources. The products they manufacture are FDA approved, and certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute. Not only are they safe, they are extremely earth-friendly.

Over the next five years Paula Kassouf expects to see major changes taking place in the packaging industry and an eco-friendly push across all industries. “We know that sustainability is at the forefront of business strategy and we have the ideal solution for the packaging dilemma. Our packaging is customizable and readily available. Every major corporation is implementing a green initiative and product packaging is one of the most visible ways to stand out. This shift may be a little more costly in the short term but will prove to be cost effective in the long run by reducing waste and utilizing materials that are readily available.”

The reason that Go Earth®has been successful over the past 3 years is because there is a growing demand for earth-friendly products and consumers across the nation are willing to pay a premium for green products and demanding alternatives to foam and plastic. They have been researching these alternatives for five years and have found sugarcane and cornstarch to be ideal eco-friendly alternatives.

What is most unique about Go Earth®’sproducts is that not only are they biodegradable but they are also microwavable, water and oil resistant plus heat resistant up to 203F/ 95C. They can also be used for hot, cold, dry and wet foods.