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15 Core Information Requirements: Business Valuation

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  1. Purpose and date of valuation;
  2. Name and address of business, date and state of incorporation, employer tax  identification number plus good-standing certificate evidencing filings are up to date plus website address;
  3. Description of business plus individual products/ services plus size of industry and estimates for growth;
  4. Competitive identity, with specific reference/ comparisons to specific  products/ companies in the marketplace;
  5. Names of any publicly-traded companies similar to the business under consideration;
  6. Size and direction of Company’s product market(s) plus how one’s products are designed to take advantage  of the market opportunity;
  7. Details of any patents or pending patents;
  8. Description of any administrative and operational facilities plus copies of any environment reports – concerns or violations;
  9. Identification of 12 key corporate highlights and separately investment highlights – centering on  >>>>>>>>>>>>  why is this an investment opportunity?
  10. Key management profiles;
  11. Historical and projected financial information with variance analysis and  key assumptions, including Profit & Loss, Balance Sheets plus Statement of Cash Flows. Projections should be 3-5 years forward;
  12. Company’s capital needs and sources for capital;
  13. Key shareholders, including management, and their investment to date;
  14. Copy of any prior Opinion Investment Valuation Reports; and
  15. Management’s opinion of estimated business and the reasons underlying such value.

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